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Chapter 1
The Early Years

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Itete (1921-26)

Chapter 4
Lubwa (1927-31)

Chapter 5
Lubwa (1932-39)

Chapter 6
Lubwa (1939-47)

Chapter 7

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Mary Brown - the author

These pages are a direct reproduction of a biography written by my mother, Mary Currie (nee Brown) in 1966/67 about her father with direct access to Rev Dr D M Brown's personal diaries and records. They were typed by my sister Ann Dye (nee Currie) when she was 15/16.

The biography was written as a project when my mother was training to be a primary school teacher at Dundee College of Education. It had been a long held ambition for which the course provided a suitable spur.

Some of the text reflects the opinions of the author and the times of authorship.

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