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Chapter 1
The Early Years

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Chapter 3
Itete (1921-26)

Chapter 4
Lubwa (1927-31)

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Lubwa (1932-39)

Chapter 6
Lubwa (1939-47)

Chapter 7

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By trade a builder and carpenter, the Rev Dr David M Brown had taken a medical degree before turning to the ministry. He had served in two home congregations before volunteering as a missionary in 1921 at the age of 41. In his twenty-six years in the mission field in Itete and Lubwa he built with his own hands; he healed; he evangelised.

Rev Dr D M Brown D M Brown - bricklayer, Brooklyn, New York Rev Dr D M  and Mrs Bessie Brown Rev Captain Dr D M Brown, Royal Army Medical Corps. Rev Dr D M Brown, Nurse Service and hospital assistants, Lubwa Rev Dr D M Brown and choristers, Lubwa Church

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