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The Early Years

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Itete (1921-26)

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Lubwa (1927-31)

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Lubwa (1932-39)

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Lubwa (1939-47)

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There was once a young man who trusted in God. Every time he was in difficulty he would pray "Lord, help me." But sometimes he wondered if there was any answer. Then one day when he cried, "Lord, help me" he seemed to hear the voice of God answering him "How can I help you, you are doing nothing yourself?"

Rev Dr D M Brown

This simple little story is a double illustration - firstly of the kind of teaching and preaching done by the missionary we are remembering, and secondly of his whole approach to life. He certainly was never guilty of "doing nothing" – rather he would accomplish in a day more work than most of us would tackle in a week. Every moment would be filled, and if perchance circumstances forced him to wait – for a train perhaps – out would come some pieces of paper and notes for a sermon would be made, a poem or hymn composed, or a letter written.

As we are faced with the problems of the world today from world hunger to juvenile delinquency – we may often be daunted by their magnitude. What use am I? What can one person do that will have any effect? I hope that the story of this missionary's life and work will help us to see that one person can accomplish much, that no one person is alone – working for God we can always be sure we are one of a team. If our life is dedicated to the work of Christ’s Kingdom, here upon earth we have His promise, "Lo, I am with you always." We can but do our part, through God's grace and with His help. Our efforts may not always be seen to be successful but trusting in Him, we can do our part to the utmost of our ability and leave the rest in His hands.

The missionary I am writing about is The Reverend Dr. D.M. Brown of Lubwa, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). The sources of my information, available to me because he was my father, are diaries dating from 1911-1947, letters, circular letters, photographs, newspaper cuttings etc., with the early days of his life filled in by the chronicle of his life written by his younger brother James

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