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The Early Years

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Itete (1921-26)

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Lubwa (1927-31)

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Lubwa (1932-39)

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Lubwa (1939-47)

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Technical - notes about pictures and suchlike


Most of the pictures have their captions as alternate text, which means that you'll have to place your cursor over the image for the text to appear.

All the pictures in the site have a larger version associated with them. Click on the image to see the larger one. You'll need to close these windows by clicking on the browser's close button (usually a cross in the top right-hand corner).

All the text pictures (news and magazine cuttings) are designed to be legible in these associated larger versions. Without knowing your screen resolution (and eyesight) details, it's hard to be sure, but generally the images are as big as will still fit into an 800 by 600 screen.

Sometimes an 800 by 600 screen isn't big enough to render these cuttings legibly, so the image is larger. In some browsers, the larger images are squeezed to fit and become illegible again! If you think this might be the case, place your pointer over the image. If you see this icon in the bottom right hand corner:

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...then the image has been squeezed. Click on that icon and the image will be expanded to its true, legible size.

If you still can't read them, then send me an e-mail, and I can send you an even larger image.

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All the text is rendered in relative-sized fonts, so if you need it larger (or smaller!) go to the drop-down menus and select View > Font Size and select whichever size suits best.

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