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What attendees have said:

"the content and comparisons you made in your lecture were spot on. The variety and the demonstrations made it really interesting and best of all was your own sense of humour."

- Kate Dawson, Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

"very good, raised some interesting, thought-provoking points and the presentation style was fun."
"Good! Certainly different, memorable, high impact."

- Dick Barton, Capgemini.

"The musical interlude while having a light note to it was a good way to get a message across (and Hamish actually had a good voice)"
"Of course, nothing came close to Hamish’s outstanding performance!"
"all were relevant and interesting and in Hamish very entertaining if not a little bizarre!"

- Various, Capgemini, following the Wales & West Hub Meeting, November 2006.

"That was the best version of "All along the watchtower" I've heard since Hendrix's."

- David Fletcher, Capgemini, following the London & Woking Hub Meeting, November 2006.

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