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Dr Jelly Roll & Mr Hyde: the proposition

As a consultant with Capgemini, much of my day job requires me to speak with groups of people: to facilitate workshops, chair meetings, present proposals. As a keen and reasonably accomplished amateur folk singer I see many parallels in good practices.

The concept of the Dr Jelly Roll & Mr Hyde presentation is to use solo singing-with-guitar entertainment to illustrate and cast new light on this vital aspect of the consultant's skillset.

The offering would form part of a programme of a programme, project or departmental event, and can form an up to 50 minute slot; or it can be broken up into two or three sections.

Topics cover:

  • Powerful openings/finishes
  • How to ensure the mechanics are automatic retaining active brain capacity for useful tasks
  • The "technical demonstration" - what's actually important to your audience
  • Know your equipment - with directly relevant tips on microphone technique, computer graphics...

I would be delighted to discuss your specific opportunity and create a customised presentation.

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