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Some of the nice things which people have said about me as a folkie. And one from Leadfingers for political balance.

Cromer Pier

Winner of the 'The Rob Bader Memorial Trophy' at Bude & Stratton Folk festival 2011 for 'The Moment' – a moment at the festival judged by the committee members as being one that truly epitomises what folk music and the festival are all about.
When presenting the award, Lucy Burrow talked about Hamish contributing many such "moments" over the weekend. "Not only does he sing beautifully, but he gets involved in everything that’s going on. He runs and attends workshops, plays concerts, participates in singarounds and the shanty session and he supports the ceilidhs, too.
"Nothing is too much trouble for this man. His good humoured and endearing manner make his appearances engaging and memorable experiences. Hamish is a real asset to any folk festival and we are delighted that he has been a regular at Bude & Stratton: long may we welcome him back!"

- Lucy Burrow, Bude & Stratton Folk Festival

"Hamish came along for a floor spot and impressed us with his style and repertoire and we have booked him! He is a skilled guitarist and singer with an infectious sense of humour! "

- St. Neot's Folk Club

"Hamish is a very talented singer and superb guitarist. As a performer he gives an apparently relaxed delivery that puts the audience at their ease; he chats to them, and jokes with them and while they are recovering from the giggles he delivers a heart wrenching song that makes the hair on your arms stand up and brings a tear to your eye. Magic."

- Alan Hewson, Mad Nanny Music

"He has a superb style of presentation and a wonderful way with words that makes you hang upon every line he sings."

- St. Valentine's Folk Festival

"Hamish has played at our club a number of times. He is much loved for his interaction with the audience; Hamish has a fine voice, a sensitive guitar style and a love of traditional and contemporary songs, and it really shows in his performance."

- Baldock & Letchworth Folk Club

"Hamish produced a performance of true quality that explains how he gets to play those festival gigs.
"An excellent balance of song, contentious and traditional, with some very nice guitar work thrown in.
"His vocal ability is a talent to be envied.
"He was the consumate professional putting on a professional show."

- John Breeze, Windward Folk Club, St. Albans

"thank you very much indeed for a lovely mellow evening's entertainment on Sunday. I think you could tell from their reaction that everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performance - you created a great atmosphere ... I reckon you were on a very good 'roll' on Sunday night."

- Sue Graves, Twickenham Folk Club

"Hamish's arrangements always cut through the mundane to get straight to the interesting. And, yes, Hamish does have a Carthy-like precision to his guitar playing. It must be all this prac***ing he does."

- El Greko (aka George Papavgeris)

Hamish at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, May 2006 #1 Hamish at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, May 2006 #2 Hamish at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, May 2006 #3 Hamish at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, May 2006 #4 Hamish at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, May 2006 #5

"Accomplished showman Hamish Currie gave a lively and highly entertaining performance. He developed terrific rapport with his audience through wit, charm and cleverly chosen and superbly delivered material."

- South Lakes Music Promotions, Ulverston.

"Hamish entertained us with a wide and enjoyable variety of material, combining the engaging meaning of folk with the vibrant rhythm of some powerful guitar work. Definitely an accomplished performer, he certainly provided a top-quality evening’s music for all at Fleet. He’s on the list for next year!"

- Phil Garvey, Fleet Folk Club.

"We are delighted to report of the success of Hamish's considerable input to this year's folk festival. It has to be said that without his heroic management of the open stage at the Shades Bar it is likely that it would not have been the great success that it apparently was. We have had some very positive feedback and requests that we repeat this particular event. I am sure that we will and we will not hesitate to invite Hamish back to host the proceedings and leave things in his capable hands. We were looking for someone who could hit the ground running and just get on with it because to be honest we have more than enough to cope with on the weekend to be hand holding and he did exactly what we had hoped for and more - brilliant!
"With regard to Hamish's debut at the Middle School to MC for our main concert with The Kate Rusby Trio and Pauline Cato and Tom McConville, once again he did us proud. We were able to see the first part of the concert (before dashing back to Sandpit Field to check on the ceilidh) and although Hamish had told us earlier that he was a little nervous once he hit the stage and found his feet it wasn't at all apparent. He is clearly an accomplished performer and his own choice of material was well appreciated, he must have been well pleased with the heart felt response from the audience. We were really pleased with how the whole thing went and with our decision to invite Hamish down to Swanage this year. Well done Hamish! You're on the list for next year!"

- Julie Remnant and Roy Sims, Swanage Festival of Song and Dance.

"ye wiz brill pal"

- Tom Judge, a mate, Bridgnorth Folk Festival

...and, last and most definitely least:

"There are worse performers than Hamish."

- Leadfingers. (Cheers, Terry!)

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