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...a folk music resource comprising hints and tips on taking part in and in organising folk music events.

"Superb site. Far too much useful stuff to list here. A must-visit."

Dick Gaughan in his folk links page.

Floorsinging for Beginners
New to singing in folk clubs? This'll tell you how to start. (Also worth checking out if you're experienced, too!)

First time nerves?
Another spin on starting out.

Starting a folk club? Or still running one after yonks? Involved? Just popping along? Lots of views on what to do...

Joining your first session
Sessions: aimed more at musicians performing in pubs than at singers in folk clubs.

Breathing for (folk) singers. Singing needs good breath control. Here are some ideas.

Top Tips for running a session
Collected wisdom on organising a session or a club. Useful ideas for making it go well.

MCing large concerts
What it says on the label...

Other hints and tips pages, and miscellanea

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