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Mobile 'phones

Now you've hit on my current pet hate.

I advocate body searches at all venues, from the smallest folk club to the largest concert hall, and anyone found with a mobile phone being forced to switch the damn thing off before they're allowed in. Or perhaps they could be classed as an offensive weapon? They inevitably go off at the quietest point of the quietest song, in my case, usually during the 4th verse of "Now Westling Winds". Nothing is more conducive to a nice atmosphere than "Peggy dear, the evening's clear" being accompanied by a digitised beeping rendition of the Moonlight Sonata - much more so than the worst PA, in my opinion :)

I notice some MCs have now taken to reminding people to switch their phones off at the beginning of the night. Perhaps that could be added to the "advice to MCs" file? "May I remind you that our performers are likely to quite justifiably blast ridicule at anyone whose phone goes off while they're singing/playing?"

There was a priceless moment during Radio 3's live gig from the Jazz Cafe last New Year Day when Ayub Ogada's mobile went off between songs. He answered it. It was a friend ringing him to tell him he was on the radio.

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