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6th April 2021: the eventual admission that this version history page is pretty incomplete, to the point that it is pretty much useless!

4th December 2013: New (unsolicited!) quote on my home page.

26th April 2012: Added the BURP pages.

22nd November 2011: Added the Ukes for UNICEF page and link.

12th October 2011: Added the Songs page with embedded SoundCloud gizmos. Removed link to Twitter gizmo.

25th July 2011: Added link to Twitter gizmo to home page only.

19th July 2011: tweaked the biog page with a picture from that lovely quote from Bude & Stratton Folk Festival presentation and updated the festival and club listings.

12th June 2011: updated home page with that lovely quote from Bude & Stratton Folk Festival.

15th July 2010: transferred from my ISP hosted site

Folk Music stuff: hints and tips...
Other folk-related stuff: floorsinging, first time nerves, MCing...

Dr Jellyroll & Mr Hyde
...take a sideways glance at presentation techniques

Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players pages - with dates and song sheets

Ukes for UNICEF
BURP's ukulele festival - 3rd March 2012

The Rev Dr D M Brown
...an illustrated biography of my grandfather: missionary.

Send me an e-mail about anything whatsoever...

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